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About Us

In a time when ‘something new and flexibility’ are sort after commodities from the corporate event industry, Vegas Please sets the standard of innovation. This band comes with the experience to make your party entertainment successful and without comparison will give you a 'now' performance while also providing the quality assurances on and off stage clients know and trust.

Vegas Please will work with you to create the kind of show you want, with a song list of proven crowd pleasers. And we don't pick  'n' mix band members.


When you book Vegas Please, you get Vegas Please.


A group of passionate, reliable, professional musicians dedicated to your function's success. All music is rehearsed for 5, 8 and 12 piece lineups meaning the show you receive is always polished. We highly recommend your band size is in proportion to your event size. Talk with us about adding a live horn section, singer and percussionist to create an 8 or 12 piece lineup.


Vegas Please Brisbane's largest Corporate Band


Vegas Please are sought after for conferences, awards nights, launches, weddings and other events and regularly service Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Hamilton Island, Daydream Island, Cairns, Townsville, Alice Springs, Bali and Singapore.

Ready to create an unforgettable event?

Brisbane Band Vegas Please singer Lauren Cocking


The entertainment capital of the world!  Some remember the Vegas of old with Lola the Showgirl however the modern day Vegas is a place where cutting edge performances happen daily with an array of the world’s best performers.


A desire - not an expectation to perform. Vegas Please do it for the thrill and adrenaline that is received from their unyielding jurisdiction of the dance floor. High level events are not their weekend hobby, it’s their passion and full time vocation.

Cutting Edge

A band only evokes two senses in sight and sound however with these, Vegas Please can successfully control the entire emotional state of your delegates on the dance floor or impact of the opening show. With their vogue style and stadium tour sound, their small stage footprint creates a large impact to your successful event.

Old Skool

Technology changes the world, but sometimes nothing changes.  The warmth of vinyl or speaking in person creates a far better experience than what has become the virtual norm!  Interaction from professional on stage is where the magic happens. Vegas Please is all live and allows you to become part of the magic making them one of the most booked and rebooked corporate shows.

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